Poppy Playtime


Poppy Playtime is a first-person horror game whose story revolves around the exploration of an abandoned factory, where a line of flagged dolls called Poppy has caused many strange incidents. The player will take on the role of an office worker who must find out the truth behind these mysterious events.


The game has a platform similar to Five Nights at Freddy's, where the player must move in a restricted environment while dodging and avoiding scary monsters. The goal of the game is to find pieces and solve puzzles to progress further in the plot.


How to play in Poppy Playtime is very simple. Players will control the character to move in areas of the company and search for puzzle pieces to unlock new areas. While proceeding, the player needs to avoid Poppy doll-like monsters, by secretly moving and dodging them.

Armed with instructions over a loudspeaker, players will have to make their way through dark hallways and various laboratories within the factory, searching for recordings that provide information about what happened. The game requires players to learn and solve puzzles, while avoiding traps and Poppy monsters.

The deadly and unexpected Poppy doll form makes the game dramatic and scary. Sound and visual effects are sophisticatedly designed to enhance the player's horror experience. However, the game's plot still has bright corners, helping players better understand the factory's past successes and failures.


Some tips for playing Poppy Playtime include:

- Always listen for sound: The game uses sound to indicate Poppy's location, so listen closely to know when she is close and dodge her in time.

- Use puzzle pieces correctly: Every time you find a new puzzle piece, find a way to use it properly to unlock new areas. This saves time and avoids getting stuck.

- Use the flashlight wisely: The flashlight is a valuable asset in the game and players need to use it sparingly. Turn off the flashlight when not needed and only use it when you need to awaken the doll or to resolve a dangerous situation.

- Run and avoid monsters: If you encounter a monster, avoid confrontation and run. Take advantage of the environment to hide or find another safe route.

- Observe the mission: Always review the goals and guidance through the mission. This helps you know what to do next and avoid getting lost in the factory.

Save games regularly: Poppy Playtime's game save servers can be quite harsh. Remember to save the game regularly to avoid losing your progress.

Hopefully the above information will help you have a good experience when playing Poppy Playtime. Wishing you success and fun!


WASD to move.
Left-click to use the item.
TAB to display controls.
SPACE to skip the dialogue.
Shift to sprint.

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